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A mother’s role in her son’s life takes many shapes. She is the guardian of his heart, carrier of his hope, builder of a godly heritage, and teacher of respect and honor. She has only a few short years to equip him with the necessary tools to step into his God-given destiny. With so much at stake, today’s moms need a reliable source of instruction and wisdom for raising their boys to become godly men. Spotlighting the stories of four biblical heroes (Samuel, Daniel, Samson, and Joshua), Candy Gibbs offers practical tips, solid answers, and true encouragement to moms of sons. With Release as a guidebook, moms will feel confident in their calling to raise sons who “hit the target” every time.

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Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture


Candy’s book, RESCUE, offers wisdom, encouragement, and practical applications. Working with a young group of “Lifeguards” throughout the book, Candy gives struggling parents the life preservers they need to rescue teens out of a drowning culture. With biblical insights and Candy’s own creative techniques, Rescue is the “Noah’s Ark” of parenting books, ensuring that today’s teens will carry on a legacy of godliness to generations to come.

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Rescue Prayer Journal


As a companion Candy Gibbs’ Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture, the Rescue Prayer Journal offers compelling evidence of why you should pray for your teen, as well as, encouragement for how to pray for your teen. With bits of wisdom from Rescue and loads of scripture, this prayer journal is the life preserver you need to begin consistently praying for your teen in the murky waters of our drowning culture.

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Rescue DVD Series


Candy teaches 5 sessions separate sessions based on her book, Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture. Candy tackles subjects like sex, technology, pornography, and homosexuality. Perfect for a bible study group or parenting class!

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Technology Handout

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